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Now I have become sommelier, I run a restaurant and with this cooking school I'd like to share with you my passions and my love for our undiscovered traditions. 

Be sure that all of us will do his best to let you feel the vibrancy of our beloved land! 







CIao! My name is Stefania and I am the General Manager at Gallery Hotel Recanati. When I met Franco, the first time, he immediately contaminated me with his passion for our food and our territory. 



Franco Taruschio

Franco was born in the Marche region of Italy. He came to the UK in 1961 for a six month period but stayed for a much longer! Three weeks before he was due to return he met his future wife and asked for an extension to his stay. In 1963 he and Ann bought what eventually became the internationally renowned Walnut Tree Inn.

After thirty-seven years he sold the Walnut Tree and since 'retiring' Franco continues to help aspiring young chefs, and has discovered that he derives great pleasure from teaching enthusiastic amateurs cooks.

Over the years Franco has been the recipient of many awards for his services to the restaurant and tourism industries, however in February 2003 he received his greatest honor when he was awarded the OBE in recognition of his services to the culinary industry and to the community in Monmouthshire.

Since 1968, when he first appeared in Take Six Cooks, Franco has appeared on numerous TV food programmes, including a six-part series entitled Franco and Friends.


Franco and his wife Ann have jointly had five cookery books published andthey are currently writing a book on the cuisine of the Le Marche. Franco is also a ‘hands on’ president of St Anne’s Hopspice, Newport. Aposition he is very proud to hold.

Ann Taruschio

I took a degree in French at the university of Lille and then went to Art school. I taught for a short while met Franco learned Italian and helped run the Walnut Tree Inn! When he retired I thought oh well I will go back to painting but no his passion for cooking and being with people led him to start to do cookery classes. So although I do not cook with him, that would be too close for comfort, I am the person who is his back up. At least in Italy I can feast on wonderful paintings of which Le Marche has an abundance. For me Le Marche is my passion, which do I love the most Franco or Le Marche? I wonder!

Gallery Hotel Recanati
Via Falleroni 85

Recanati - ITALY

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14-21 May 2016
2400€ all inclusive!!!

Phone:  + 39.071.981914


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